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The Sorcerer of Mandala

The Sorcerer of Mandala

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Words By: D. Kalyanaraman | Cover Art By: Raghava K K

Be careful what you wish for!

Long, long ago, or just a year ago—depending on when you read this—the Astu Devas wake up and grant the absurd wishes of two citizens of Orum, leaving the town isolated from the rest of civilization. It is now up to Vikram, his reluctant fiancée Ponni, and his friends, Kalla, a thief, and Bana, an aspiring playwright, to steal a fabled blood jewel and save Orum. Oh, did we mention the jewel hangs around the neck of the demonic goddess guarded by her devotee, the terrifying Sorcerer of Mandala? Come, enter a portal to an enchanting new world!

This satirical young adult fantasy builds on Indian folk mythology and features an oddball cast of characters as they set out to defeat a puzzle-loving sorcerer and his minions.


“...funny, witty and clever...a book that made me laugh out loud at times, or chuckle quietly to myself at other times.”—The Reading Desk


Fantasy, Satire, Mythology, Religions, Hero's Journey

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Reading Level Recommendations

Grades: 8-10

Ages: 12-16


Subject Categories

YAF019000-YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / General
YAF014000-YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Diversity & Multicultural


Paperback: 9780989061537

eBook: 9780989061544

PDF: 9781949528565

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  • Folding Puzzle

    A fiendish printable folding activity for all the puzzle-loving fans of the Sorcerer!


Meet the Author

D Kalyanaraman loves magic, monsters, dark predictions, mysteries, mythology, folklore, puzzles, birds that talk, animals with attitude, and his family — though not necessarily in that order. Kalyan believes that he is one of the best qualified to write for young adults, as he has been one longer than anyone he knows. He lives and writes in Bangalore, India.

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Meet the Artist

Raghava KK, named by CNN as one of the ten most remarkable people of 2010, is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is shown in galleries and museums around the world. After he quit formal education at the age of 17 to start his career as a newspaper cartoonist, he is today considered one of India’s most successful young artists. Raghava applies his artistic practice outside the gallery space. He is actively involved in a radical education initiative, NuVu Studios, to an offshoot of Harvard and MIT, to redefine creativity in education. He has lectured at several universities and art institutions, including NYU, Carnegie Mellon, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, etc. He serves on the NuVu advisory and has also advised the INK Conference, Singularity University, Innoz, Startup Village, Nytric, and Banto. He lives and works in New York and India.

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