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Stories that drive real-life change.

Sambasivan & Parikh is a women-led publishing company on a mission to champion stories that center the voices of underrepresented communities. Our books and learning tools create spaces for education by offering culturally rooted perspectives, placing tools for social change in the hands of educators, families, and community advocates.

We believe stories are a powerful tool for social change that can offer fresh perspectives, and reshape our collective narrative

Sambasivan & Parikh is the coming together of publishers Ambika Sambasivan and Suhani Parikh. As passionate advocates of truly inclusive children’s literature, they believe storytelling will foster a more equitable and just future for all.

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Opening Windows to South Asia


Co-founded by Kala and Ambika Sambasivan, Yali Books features stories that celebrate South Asian cultures while emphasizing equality, equity, and justice.

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Bloom Through Books


Founded by Suhani Parikh, Modern Marigold Books creates stories that amplify the experiences of first-generation families while promoting social and emotional growth in kids.

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Ambika Sambasivan


Ambika discovered her love for crafting books as an illustrator and launched Yali Books with her mother, Kala Sambasivan in 2014. Ambika is passionate about shaping stories that reflect and validate the experiences of children of color, particularly those of South Asian descent, through relatable and inspiring stories.

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Suhani Parikh


Suhani is a second-generation, Indian-American mom of three, and entrepreneur based in Upstate NY. Her experience growing up with alopecia areata led her to write her debut book "Shreya's Very own Style" and launch her publishing company, Modern Marigold Books in 2019.

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Leann Schneider Webb

Leann has years of experience working for art and history museums, as a college instructor, and as a public librarian. She's passionate about making art, history, and education more accessible to more people. She loves reading thrillers, seeing a picture book come together, and trying new food. Leann has a Master of Library and Information Science and a Master of the Arts in Art History.


Taryn Jackson


Taryn is an experienced educational professional and literacy consultant based in Port Lucie, FL. She is working to expand Sambasivan & Parikh's marketing and publicity efforts and build lasting sales relationships with schools and public libraries.

Publishing Coordinator

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