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Sandwiches and Samosas

Sandwiches and Samosas

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Words By: Suhani Parikh | Art By: Reshma Srinivas

A delicious tale of friendship and foods from around the world!

Neeva and Nimi love the Indian food they eat at home, but how could they bring idlis to school for lunch when all of their friends always bring sandwiches? But the sisters are in for a big surprise. When their class goes on a field trip, they find themselves at a food festival where they learn their friends eat much more than sandwiches at home, inspiring them to proudly claim their cultural foods and start a new tradition with their friends.

In this multicultural picture book, readers will explore foods from around the world and be inspired to celebrate the unique food traditions of their home.


NYC Big Book Award (2021) 

“...we can only truly find our place at the table if we keep our hearts and minds open to new things and tastes.”—Josephine Caminos Oría, Author of Sobremesa and Dulce de Leche


Realistic Fiction, Asian American, Cooking and Food, Family Stories, Family, Friendship Stories, Immigration and Emigration, Multicultural, School Stories, Siblings, Relationship Skills, Stories About Me, Picture Book

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Reading Level Recommendations

Grades: K-3

Ages: 5-7


Subject Categories

JUV050000-JUVENILE FICTION / Cooking & Food
JUV039090-JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / New Experience
JUV074000-JUVENILE FICTION / Diversity & Multicultural


Hardcover: 9781735031927

Paperback: 9798986755861

eBook: 9781735031989


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Meet the Author

Suhani is a second-generation, Indian-American mom of three, and entrepreneur based in Upstate NY. Her experience growing up with alopecia areata led her to write her debut book "Shreya's Very own Style" and launch her publishing company, Modern Marigold Books in 2019.

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Meet the Illustrator

Reshma is an architect by profession and an artist by passion. She loves telling stories through art, combining creativity and cross-cultural experiences. Reshma's love for trying new cuisines and experimenting with Indian food has been the main source of inspiration for her food art.

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