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A Mystery at Lili Villa

A Mystery at Lili Villa

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Words By: Arathi Menon | Cover Art By: Shruti Prabhu

Hanging with cousins plus solving mysteries equals the perfect summer!

Cousins Arj, Tam, and Mira are spending their summer vacation in Elathoor, a little village in Kerala, when their family home is broken into and some jewelry is stolen. The trio sets out to find the thief but soon discovers that there is no shortage of suspects. Is it Pinching Kodavis, the family driver, or Dumdumchecchi, the milkwoman? Is it the mean fisherwoman who starves the cat or the retired nurse who owns a luxury car? Or is it Mani with his upside-down Russian secret? Staying a few steps ahead of the local police, the Terrific Three detectives discover that every one of their small-town neighbors has something to hide. Who could the thief possibly be? And where in tiny Elathoor could they hide the stolen jewels?

In a throwback to unscheduled summer vacations, this early middle-grade mystery will charm young readers with plenty of sibling sparring, some intrepid sleuthing, and an endless parade of mouth-watering snacks.


" homage to small-town life in Kerala, India...a sprightly, amusing read."—Kirkus Reviews

"Mystery fans will find lots to enjoy in this fresh title set in India. Purchase for medium to large collections or those in need of gentle, entertaining mysteries."—School Library Journal


Mystery, Adventure, Asia, Family Stories, Siblings, Rural Life, Social Awareness

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Grades: 5-7

Ages: 8-12


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JUV028000-JUVENILE FICTION / Mysteries & Detective Stories
JUV013070-JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Siblings
JUV001000-JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General


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Meet the Author

Arathi Menon is an author and a columnist, currently based in London.

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