Award-winning titles centering social and emotional growth through identity.

Modern Marigold Books inspires social and emotional growth in readers through stories that center identity, first-generation experiences, and medical awareness.

Our History

Inspired by her twin daughters, founder Suhani Parikh, decided to channel her life-long passion for writing to capture her childhood experiences in picture book form. Writing her first three books, led her to launch Modern Marigold Books in 2019, as a home for stories about social and emotional growth through lived experiences.

After the launch of Suhani's first three books in 2020 and 2021, she was approached by Priya Parikh with the manuscript for Dancing Devi. Publishing another author's work was the turning point at which Suhani recognized her career as a publisher and Modern Marigold Books potential to grow as a traditional publishing company.

In January of 2024, Suhani launched Sambasivan & Parikh with co-founder Ambika Sambasivan (Yali Books) and Modern Marigold Books transitioned to its new role as an imprint of the new company.

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Announcements & News

Billu seated at a desk while tikka draws a picture

Are you ready to meet Billu and his sidekick Tikka?

Tune in on Tuesday, July 9th for the pre-order launch of our newest picture book, Billu Buttons written by Gus Singh and Delzin Choksey.

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